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UOSSM’s Recommendation report on sustainable humanitarian work

By juillet 27, 2017août 12th, 2017No Comments

On March 25, 2017, UOSSM organised its Geneva’s second annual conference « Health system in Syria: challenges and developments » the purpose was to discuss the issues of developments and sustainability faced by humanitarian organisations, and especially the medical NGOs in Syria

The first panel discussed the challenges and sustainability of any NGO, and the main dimensions to support in order to maintain quality and sustainability in the long run, especially in conflict situations

The second panel examined importance of data collection and management in conflict zone.

The third panel analysed the role and importance of education and training, will it be in conflict setting or not, and how it can be delivered and improved in order to maintain the quality of the response and develop long-term reconstruction policies.

The last panel discussed direct channels between local and international NGOs. After acknowledging the problematic characteristics of the international relief system, the panellists detailed the concept of localisation

The team of UOSSM-Suisse, (thanks to all the speakers, the volunteers who took the minutes), could transmit all the information presented by the speakers to numerous of humanitarian workers on the ground in Syria, with whom we had several of positive fruitful discussions.

Taking in consideration what was presented during the conference, and the feedback from workers on the ground, we are glad to present you our recommendation report (Click here for full report), which covers the four mentioned topics.

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