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Geneva’s 2nd international Conference

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Health System in Syria, Challenges and developments
Geneva’s 2nd international Conference

Geneva University, “Uni Mail Salle MS 130”, Geneva – Switzerland
25 March
11:00 – 18:00

Description:                        UOSSM-Suisse hosts an international conference concerning the health system during crisis, Syria as example to rethink of sustainable options for relief operations in areas of conflicts such as Syria. In the past year, since our first conference on December 2015 under the title “Protect hospitals and health workers” in Syria (Hosted by UOSSM-Suisse), we have witnessed a sharp escalation
on the scope and scale of violence in Syria, including the attacks on hospitals. During 2016, numerous health workers have been killed and injured; hospitals and medical facilities were systematically targeted.

While hundreds of thousands of civilians have become newly displaced and or besieged. And as the current government of Syria is failing and refraining to provide medical care to areas out of its control, we need to urgently rethink how we can continue delivering humanitarian medical relief to areas where the structure of health system is absent. As well as how we are able to build our work on sustainable bases and to match the international standards of health care even during crisis and in most complicated conditions.

We are inviting experts in the medical and public health sector, management of non-profit organizations, and Syria’s policy to outline practical next steps to the questions:

As a humanitarian organisation,

  • How can we ensure the sustainability of our services while matching international standards even through the most complicated conditions?
  • How can we collect data, communicate it and how to manage it in the best ways?
  • How can we develop the level of our training and education work to fulfil needs?
  • How can the international community best support local NGOs providing medical care in Syria?

Interested Audience:
The interested audience is mid-to-high level NGO staff and experts on the medical and public health sector, management, Syria policy, and the educational institutions and individual workers in the health, education and legal sectors.

Conference Goals:

  • Raise awareness about the topic of challenges humanitarian work is facing, and find solutions based on experiences sharing.
  • Push for the principals of medical neutrality and international humanitarian law to be consistently operationalized and held accountable all perpetrators.

Conference Outcomes:

  • Convene leading healthcare actors in the Syria response to unify policy opinions and recommendations alongside partners and experts
  • Produce a recommendations report coming from hosting organization. The report will touch on the following:
    • The scope and scale of medical work of local humanitarian organizations and ways to organize and manage professionally the mass of data.
    • Sustainable management and administrative work.
    • Mechanism for effective methods in data collection and management.
    • The challenges and proposed solutions by local and international experiences.
    • Education… role and ways for development. 

Conference program

11:00 – 11:30                           Reception

11:30 – 11:50:                         Welcoming

  • Rémy Pagani du Conseil administratif de la ville de Genève
  • Dr Marie-Claude Hofner a Swiss doctor and president Violence Medical Unit
  • Dr Anne Golaz a lecturer and researcher at CERAH & The University of Geneva.
  • Line Mahfouz a student in the medical school of Geneva.


11:50-12:00                    Opening remarks

  • Dr Ghanem Tayara, President of UOSSM
  • Dr Tawfik Chamaa Secretary general


12:00 – 13:10: Panel 1: Syrian NGOs Challenges and Sustainability

  • Moderator: Zaidoun Al Zoubi                   CEO of UOSSM
  • Speaker 1 Hani El Bana                                President of Humanitarian forum co-founder of Islamic relief
  • Speaker 2: Smruti Patel                               Director, Global Mentoring Initiative
  • Speaker 3: Dr Naveed Sadozai                Medical Officer at the GPEI team – WHO

13:20 – 14:30 Panel 2: Importance of data collection & management in conflict zone.

  • Moderator: Dr Anas Al Kassem               President of UOSSM-Canada
  • Speaker 1 Ajay Kumar Goel                       Data analyst – WHO
  • Speaker 2 Dr Dorian Job                            Medical Coordinator – MSF
  • Speaker 3 Nathalie Simonnot                   Deputy Director of the Médecins du Monde network


14:30 – 15:00:                                           Coffee Break & Snack


15:00 – 16:10 panel 3: The role and importance of education and training.

  • Moderator: Dr Ziad EL Issa                    President of UOSSM-France
  • Speaker 1 Dr Rapahel Pitti                     War injuries doctor, Member of UOSSM-France
  • Speaker 2 Dr Anne Golaz                         Lecturer at the University of Geneva (CERAH)


16:20 – 17:30 Panel 4: Direct channels between Local & International NGOs.

  • Moderator Koenraad Van Brabant          Expert
  • Speaker 1 Ali Gokpinar                                 Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer – UN OCHA
  • Speaker 2 Elsa Romera Moreno              Graduate Institute Research
  • Speaker 3 Amal Sadozai                               Graduate Institute Research


17:30 – 18:00:                                                       Aperitif and social chat


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